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Magician Stefan Sprenger | New Show Video

This might be part of your next event.

Magician Stefan Sprenger will customize the show to fit your event.

Black Rabbit videotrailer by magician Stefan Sprenger

Now there is also a short trailer for the magic show in the Black Rabbit.

Thanks to Thorsten Fietzek for video editing and camera work.

Kameratricks | The Show with magicians Kay Schmid and Stefan Sprenger

If all goes well the two magicians Kay Schmid and Stefan Sprenger will bring the show „Kameratricks“ back to the stage this year!

Here’s a taste!

Premiere: Magician Stefan Sprenger at the Black Rabbit

Premiere: Magician Stefan Sprenger at the Black Rabbit

PREMIERE IS ON WEDNESDAY THE 18th SEPTEMBER AND FROM THEREON EVERY WEDNESDAY ! I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ! Every Wednesday at 20:30 clock . Black Rabbit An der Welle 3 60322 Frankfurt am Main For dates and tickets , click here.

Feedback for magician Stefan Sprenger

Feedback for magician Stefan Sprenger

International event vor BBVA, this ist what they said!

„With your witty and kind performances you have managed to give the evening an informal atmosphere. Customer feedback was unanimously positive and have thus made a major contribution to the success of our custumer event. This evening will be remembered thanks to your performance for a long time.“ (Ronny Paul, BBVA)

Cameratricks new poster

Cameratricks new poster

The camera tricks project goes to the next round.

A new program also calls for new advertising. Thus, in recent weeks, new posters, flyers, and  a new website have been created:


Brain-Busters video

This video was created at the premiere of the show Brain Busters at the Moller-Haus-Theater in Darmstadt.

The first show was about 2,5 hours long. After many considerations and changes the show is now about 1.5 hours. So the artists still have some tricks up their sleeve. The show is suitable not only for the theater, it can be used as an infotainment seminar for your corporate event.

Magician Stefan Sprenger presents the dragon-video

It is one of the finest optical illusions.

This dragon was inspired by an idea by Jerry Andrus, who has developed this illusion for the famous Gathering for Gardner.

For the show, Brain Busters,  magicians Andreas Fleckenstein and Stefan Sprenger gave this illusion a facelift.

„Cameratricks“ at the Hochheimer Hof

The magicians delight on the „Hofbühne“

In June, the magicians Kay Schmid and Stefan Sprenger once again thrilled the guests at the „Hochheimer Hof Theater“  with their programm „CAMERATRICKS“.

More dates to follow after the summer break.

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New Website

New Website

Magician Stefan Sprenger has done it! After weeks of work, the new website of magician Stefan Sprenger is ready. Here and there, there is certainly still a need for fine tuning. Helpful hints are welcome.   What is there to discover: You will find a picture gallery with live and studio photography. Of course there […]