Magician and Impostor Stefan Sprenger

Zauberer Stefan Sprenger PSSSTYou want your guests to enjoy more than just a dinner? You are looking for that little something extra? Look no further: I can offer different concepts tailored to your event. Contact me and I will make you an offer.


Con Man, cheater, magician and somehow … a nice guy:

Do not be fooled by his soft brown eyes – watch out! Stefan Sprenger is a master of deception! He cheats, he cons, he tricks you – that’s his job. And even though you know this beforehand, he surprises you anyway! Stefan Sprenger is always ahead of the game. Charming, enigmatic and always well dressed.


What you should know about Stefan Sprenger:

His territory: From Amsterdam to Zermatt – and wherever he is not expected – perhaps with a stopover at your event?

Favored victim: You!

What you should not know about Stefan Sprenger … you will never know.